Diversity Statement


KS&P Technologies, LLC, welcomes, respects, and values all individuals, contributors and participants in its related activities and events as it aims to accomplish its mission and objectives serving industry, the private and public sectors, and society in general. KS&P Technologies, LLC, fosters a transparent and inclusive environment in which every individual may contribute diverse ideas, experiences and perspectives that advance this LLC.  

KS&P Technologies, LLC, is committed to inclusiveness and diversity while thriving to accomplish its goals of providing services and products that improve and enhance customer safety, security and comfort, improve technological awareness and know-how, improve quality of life, and contribute to technological innovation. 

“ Whereas KS&P Technologies, LLC, objectives and experience with diversity activities confirms the opportunity for a multi-sectoral leadership role in our community.

Be it resolved that KS&P Technologies, LLC, adopt, publicize and recognize in all activities a concise commitment to diversity and inclusion.”